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Can BMW catch rivals in the EV race?

On a warm, late-summer evening on Vancouver’s West Side, 250 or so invited guests gathered at The BMW Store to look at the latest development in the BMW Group’s halting drive to stay with the leaders in the electric vehicle (EV) race. The 2022 BMW iX ($89,990 to start) and i4 (pricing expected in the …

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2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid: luxurious, efficient

For years now, Toyota Motor has pushed the idea that it’s future is electrified. And by electrified, Toyota primarily is referring to its gasoline-electric hybrid offerings. True, Toyota does offer plug-in hybrids and they’re very, very good for what they are — though range-limited in the neighborhood of around 60 km. The RAV4 Prime, for …

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The EVs are coming! Here’s how to charge them the ‘green’ way

The EVs are coming! The EVs are coming! The EVs are coming! Yes, three extremely bullish reports regarding EV (electric vehicle) sales just hit my inbox. In fact, I see these sorts of reports and projections all the time. They are commonplace, along with announcements from various car brands regarding an all-electric future lineup. Hyundai’s …

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Hyundai Elantra N-Line: jazzing up the commuter car

The cheapo economy car, the budget-friendly grocery-getter and the everyday affordable runabout – all but gone, gone, gone like the White Pages. Nissan no longer sells the $9,995 Micra, and along with its departure went the slow-motion-racing Micra Cup series. The Versa is toast, too. Toyota used to sell a thrifty little tin can called …

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Lexus ES 360 Black Line: warm greetings from the Dark Ages

I’ve just learned that Millennials think you are “living in the Dark Ages” if you use cash, talk on the phone (versus texting), wear skinny jeans or eat dairy. To which I’d add, drive a Lexus. No, Lexus did not specifically turn up on the U.K.’s Love Energy Savings survey referred to here. But I …

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