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Jaguar XE: Hope Springs Eternal

BY JEREMY CATO Jaguar has high hopes for its XE entry luxury car slated for showrooms in the spring of next year. Perhaps the XE will be a stunning success. Even if the XE disappoints, the blame won’t land on the car itself, or amateurish marketing or incompetent dealers. Jag scores among the industry’s best …

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2016 Mustang Convertible

Ford Motor went to extreme heights to introduce the latest Mustang convertible. So how does a ragtop that started life on top of the world handle when all four wheels are firmly planted on the ground? Watch the video.

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Wheeze, Cough… So Long, Diesel

By cheating emissions regulations with software tricks, Volkswagen AG has put a stake into the heart of diesel-powered passenger cars. Moreover, the unfolding scope of the VW scandal now threatens the very future of what was once the world’s largest and one of its most respected car companies – and we are not even taking …

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